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Temple StayAbout Beomeosa
During the 18th year of King Munmu reign of the Silla dynasty, a large group of Japanese invaders attempted to attack.
The king was very concerned about the invaders¡¯ barbarous acts. One day, in the king¡¯s dream, a mountain guardian spirit told him to go to the top of the mountain and the god would reveal how to defeat the invaders.
The king went to the mountain with a priest, Uisangdaesa, and followed the god¡¯s instructions. Then, the invaders were easily defeated.
The king was really happy and gave thanks to the god. He also ordered
Uisangdaesa to build a temple, and the temple is Beomeosa.
At the top of the mountain, there is a well with golden colored water which never dries up. Legend has it that a gold-colored fish had lived there. The temple was named from ¡°gold spring (Guemsaem)¡± and ¡°fish from heaven.¡±
The One Pillar Gate is the first door that leads to the temple and represents the boundary between the secular world and the spiritual world where a visitor has to leave your complicated ideas and sufferings.. It is named as One Pillar Gate as the pillars are built in a row to support the roof, but generally two pillars are built side by side to support the roof on top. However, at the Beomeosa Temple, exceptionally four pillars support the roof with three kans in the front.
Daewoong is the virtuous name of Buddha and Daewoongjeon means the house of enshrining the Sakyamuni Buddha, Daewoong of heaven and earth. Daewoongjeon displayed the formative characteristics of simple and powerful construction space, typical of mid-Joseon with the dual roof shape. In particular, the canopy of Daewoongjeon is paired with the Sumidan(altar) to display the essence of the wooden craft works of Joseon Dynasty. The Sumidan is a Buddihist altar that is placed in one notch higher stage to enshrine Buddha. It has the shape of Mt. Sumi, located in the center of
universe, that the name was referred to as Sumidan.
In general, Daewoongjeon usually enshrine the historically presented person, Sakyamuni Buddha, but depending on each temple, it may differ in some degree. Sakyamuni Buddha learned the truth of universe and taught people where live comes from and where it goes, what human and life are, and how people live the life to be happy. ¡°Daewoong¡± comes from the ancient word of India, ¡®Mahabira,¡¯ and it is an honorific term for Buddha, meaning great hero.